Vitamin E Supplement

Other Names:

Tocotrienol, Tocotriénol, Tocotrienol Concentrate, Fat-Soluble Vitamin, Gamma tocotrienol, Tocotrienols, Tocotriénols, Vitamin E Acetate, Vitamin E Succinate.


Vitamin E is available in many foods such as vegetable oils, poultry, eggs, cereals, dry fruits, meat, fruits, vegetables, as well as wheat germ oil.

Health Benefits:

Vitamin E has countless health benefits. It acts as the antioxidant, preventing free radical damage to specific fats in the body, which are critical for your health. Vitamin E also has the ability to naturally slows down the process of aging. It can also absorb the energy from UV (ultraviolet) light hence protecting your skin from damage. Some other astounding benefits of Vitamin include its role as an essential fat-soluble vitamin which is required for the proper functioning of many organs, neurological processes, and enzymatic activities.

So, vitamin E is essential for strong immune system, healthy skin and eyes. In recent years, these supplements have become popular as antioxidants. It helps in the prevention of the free radical damage and protects cells from damage.

Furthermore, it also appears beneficial for the preventing and treating diseases of the heart and blood vessels, like high blood pressure, chest pains,  and blocked or hardened arteries.  As well as, it can fight against free radicals and prevent disease development. The antioxidant nature of this vitamin helps combat inflammation. Moreover, it naturally slows down aging and fights off health issues like heart disease.

Side Effects:

When taken by mouth or applied to the skin, Vitamin E is possibly safe for most healthy and fit people. When taking the recommended daily dose, most of the people do not experience any side effects. Recommended daily dose is 15 mg.

Vitamin E is likely unsafe if taken in high doses. Furthermore, if you have a condition like heart disease or diabetes, it is advised to not take doses of 400 IU/day or more. While, some researchers suggests that high doses may increase the chances of death or may cause other serious side effects. So, be cautious about the amount of daily dose because the higher the dose, the greater the risk of serious side effects.

In addition, there are some concerns that vitamin E may increase the chances of having a serious stroke called hemorrhagic stroke that is bleeding into the brain. It can be fatal.

Warnings and Special Precautions:


Vitamin E is safe for pregnant women, when taken in the recommended daily dose. According to some concerns, vitamin E may cause harm to the fetus when taken in early pregnancy. However, this concern is not so important due to lack of enough reliable evidences. Until more is known, it is recommended do not take vitamin E supplements in early pregnancy without consulting with your doctor.


Vitamin E supplements are possibly safe when taken by mouth in recommended daily doses during breast-feeding. So, if you are a lactating mother you can take vitamin E Supplements without worries.


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