Top 10 Health Supplements to boost up your energy -2018

As the lifestyle in 2018 is picking up more pace and people don’t have enough time to maintain their health. The worst thing that is being observed in result of this non-caring lifestyle is that people are not having enough energy to complete daily tasks and the effects are observed in the form of fatigue, stress and lesser happy lives. So in order to maintain energy and increase the quality of life one must use energy supplements that will benefit in return. Here are Top 10 best energy boosters you can use to boost up your energy.

Rhodiola Root

energy boost health supplementsOn the top of the list of energy boosters, we have Rhodiola root health supplement. Rhodiola root has fabulous energy enhancing, brain boosting and fat burning powers. These supplements can also be used to treat depression, fatigue, anxiety and anemia. Some side effects are occasional head ache, agitation and allergic reactions.


energy boost health supplementsMaca is used for aphrodisiac purpose for centuries. It not only reduces stress and enhances mood but also increases energy level and can be used by both male and females. Side effects are vaginal dryness, mood swings and hot flashes.


energy boost health supplementsVitamin B6 enhances body functionality in various ways. It helps to boost energy level, maintains nervous system functionality, increases metabolism and liver functionality. Vitamin B6 helps in creating hemoglobin, which carries oxygen with red blood cells to whole body that generates fresh feeling. Excessive amount of B6 can cause nausea, vomiting, sleepiness and loss in appetite.

Vitamin B1 Supplement Form

energy boost health supplementsVitamin B1 is a very important nutrient as it belongs to vitamin B complex family. B1 is a very effective antioxidant that helps in maintaining complete body. Furthermore, it converts carbohydrates into Glucose that provides energy to the body.

Avocado Oil

energy boost health supplementsIf you want to boost energy you can use Avocado Oil. Research shows that, the fat in avocado oil as well as plant pigment’s is a rich source of energy and enhances cell’s functionality it is also useful to prevent mitochondrial diseases. One can face itching effect in body so do consult your doctor if you are facing such issues after consuming Avocado oil.

Chelated Iron

energy boost health supplementsChelated Iron contains majority of minerals in it and hence provides necessary energy to the body for healthy living. This supplement enhances body metabolism and accelerate cell growth. Person using this supplement feel comfortable even in performing hectic tasks. Over consumption of this supplement can cause minor stomach cramps, diarrhea and constipation.


energy boost health supplementsBerberine is the mostly found in natural herb that is usually found in India and China. These supplements provide variety of healthy benefits and provide rapid cells development and increases metabolism process. There are some reports of cramping, diarrhea and stomach pain among those who are consuming these supplements.

Prickly Pear Cactus

energy boost health supplementsPrickly pear cactus has some mind boggling advantages and provides required energy level to the body. Apart from energy boosting supplement it can also help in preventing risks of heart diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer and various cancers. There are some stomach related side effects that are observed against this supplement like mild diarrhea, increased stool frequency and volume and abdominal fullness.


energy boost health supplementsTriphala is basically used for reducing stress level in the body and in results provides fresh feeling. It also helps in nourishing skin and hair. Triphala is also recommended to the patient suffering from heart diseases because it lowers down blood pressure and increases blood flow in the body. This supplement is strictly prohibited in pregnancy and in some cases can disrupt the sleep routine.

Bee Pollen

energy boost health supplementsBee Pollen is used majorly to enhance the stamina and athletic performance. It also helps in reducing joint pain, mouth sores, radiation sickness and premature aging. It also helps in reducing pimples and nourishes skin. It can cause allergic reactions among those who are allergic to pollens and symptoms can be like shortening of breath, face swelling and itching.


Generally there is no replacement of natural wellbeing, if you are living a healthy life with proper diet, sleep and exercise there is no need to take any kind of medications for being healthy. Due to tough routine and lack of sleep and physical activities majority of people are suffering with lack of energy in such cases afore mention supplements can assist you in retrieving the energy level to live a healthy life.

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