D-Mannose Health Supplements

Other Names:

Carubinose, D-Manosa, Mannose, Seminose


D-mannose is a simple sugar related to glucose and found in many fruits. It also occurs naturally in some cells in the human body.

Health Benefits:

D-Mannose helps in preventing urinary tract infections (UTI) that includes severe pain, burning, itching, urinary inconsistency, by binding to bacteria. These bacteria cling to the urinary tract lining and causes infection.

Moreover, due to the use of full-spectrum organic ingredients, it helps in immediate and lasting urinary relief.  It can also enhance the urinary system with combat E and proper pH balance. Coli bacteria build up, all without antibiotics. Furthermore, the excellent combination of D Mannose with magnesium stearate results in fighting the problematic bacteria quickly. Not only this, it can also help to regain liver Strength and Digestive Functions. Some other benefits are mentioned below.

1- Carbohydrate-Deficient Glycoprotein Syndrome:

D-mannose is beneficial for the treatment of a rare disease known as carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome type 1b. This rare disease is inherited down through families. This makes you protein deficient through the intestines. While according to some reports D-mannose slows down this deficiency of protein and makes your liver perform better. As well as, it may also reduce bleeding disorders and low blood sugar levels in people having this disease.

2- Probiotic:

Prebiotics are substances, which helps the body by stimulating the growth of “good” bacteria in the digestive system. According to some reliable studies D-mannose can play a vital role as a “prebiotic.”

In some lab studies and experiments on mice, the components of D-mannose were shown to increase the production of “good” bacteria. So, this suggests D-mannose might have some benefits for people with dysbiosis, while dysbiosis is an imbalance in good and bad bacteria.

Side Effects

D-mannose appears to be likely safe for most adults when taken by mouth at appropriate amount. It can cause loose stools and bloating in some rare cases. In high doses, it might harm the kidneys. So be cautious about the dosage of this supplement or consult a Doctor before taking D-mannose supplements.

Warnings and Special Precautions

Pregnant and breast-feeding Women:

No particular research about the use of D-mannose during pregnancy as well as breast-feeding. But to be on safe side, avoid using D-mannose while breast-feeding and pregnancy.


Some of the research suggests that D-mannose can make it more difficult to control blood sugar level specially in people with diabetes. So, if you are a diabetic we recommend you to avoid using D-mannose because as mentioned above it is a sugar related to glucose, which can be harmful for a diabetic person.


True to our claim, we manufactured this product with 100 % natural ingredients to keep you far away from any side effects. Click here to visit our benefits chart for more details.

All supplements available on our blog are from organic sources; do seek medical advice from your doctor in case of any ongoing medical issues. Always seek advice from your doctor before taking these supplements. The company is not responsible for any medical issues as a direct or indirect result of taking these supplements.

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